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Our customers are the most important for us. We are working for you all the time, we listen to your suggestions and we do everything to exceed your expectations and your experience more friendly.

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Our specialized Maui, HI catering menu will be a smash hit even with your pickiest eaters!
  • 1Wedding Catering

    Our Wedding catering menu tis perfect for every type, from the full 4 course meal to light eaters and toothpick meals and desserts.

  • 2Cakes and desserts

    Looking to satisfy the sweet tooth of your guest? We offer large cakes and small selections cut and plated ready to serve.

  • 3 The healthy choice for you and your family

    Are you looking to feed your guests a wholesome meal? Do they prefer quinoa and kale to fried chicken and onion rings? We offer a variety of vegan, vegetarian and healthy selections for your guests.

  • 4Corporate guest, 500 or more. No problem.

    Our staff and servers are prepared for your next black tie affair or champagne gala. We meet every host ahead of time to make sure no detail will be over looked and that your guests will be thrilled with your next event.

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