28 October 2013
28 October 2013,

MAUI CATERING – your catering partner for all occasions!

Whatever the event may be- wedding, anniversary, et al, it can be a vexing task to make all the preparations and find the best of decorators, bakers, clothes and the list goes on. But, Maui Catering Services know that guests always cherish a fond memory of good food served at an event. They might not remember your dress, the decoration or the venue, but good food and its presentation is always looked forward to and reminisced. But, how do choose an ideal caterer for your wedding or event? Make sure that you carry a checklist when you go around looking for a caterer.

Choose the best caterers in Maui for your next wedding or special event.

It is imperative that the caterer has a food, liquor and workman’s license. You don’t see yourself dealing with a food-borne disease or state health department after your wedding, do you? This is something you don’t want to take chances with. Maui catering services are licensed and use only local, organic produce from Maui’s farmers, fishermen, and ranchers to ensure that the food they serve is fresh, hygienic and properly prepared. Pick the caterer who is in the catering business for at least ten years or more. Also make sure you take testimonies of Maui Catering Services customers to learn what exactly it stands for. You can even ask for some referral contact numbers.


Sometimes a caterer asks the customer to sign a contract to ensure that what was agreed upon is realized; the caterer kept his word and the customer is gratified. Go ahead, sign it and remember to keep a copy of the contract with you. There are no hidden costs at Maui Catering. Everything is transparent and clearly spelled out. The customer will never receive the bill more than what was agreed upon. Maui Catering Services appreciate the fact that an event is special and must be an unrivalled and unforgettable experience.


The staff at Maui Catering will arrive at the event venue much before the given time to ensure that the food is set up and served on time. They keep the hot food heated and cold food chilled till the time its ready to serve because that’s what accentuates the flavor of the food. You name the cuisine and they have it served.


Maui Caterers appreciate that everything is communicated clearly and on time to avoid any embarrassment and lags. Make your event a remarkably unique moment which will be cherished by you and your guests for life.